Corporate America is sitting on about $1 trillion, wallowing in money like Scrooge McDuck. Meanwhile, the total student debt of U.S. college graduates is roughly… $1 trillion. Hmmm. See where I’m going with this ?

Sooo— what if all those CFOs playing banker were replaced briefly by indentured recent graduates (call it Take Your Debtor to Work Day) who would wield the cash to smash the debt, with the proviso that each corporate kitty would be replenished over time AND would receive extra services from grateful scholar/workers. This arrangement would turn crushing debt into working capital. (I’ll leave the policy details to our political wizard Nick Hensley).

Item:  According to USA Today, Apple (aka B of A, or the Bank of Apple) is hoarding $68 billion that isn’t headed toward product development (or job creation). Wouldn’t it be fun to invest it in one million really smart, hard working, underemployed people— challenging them to turn out the most productive, creative year of their careers ?  Imagine— a million brains and hearts on a mission together ! No, it’s not my 68 bil. I’m just sayin’.

 As survival master Bear Grylls points out, “Money is… like a river, and rivers need to flow or they die.”  Can’t we all just go with the flow ? Yes, we can. But more on THAT later.