The impact of new technologies on marketing has been a hot issue ever since the new-fangled hard-paved roads of the ancient Roman Empire started bringing goods and merchants from all over the known world right to the Appian Way.  Our own time is even more revolutionary because of  the Web, AI, Social Media, and mobile devices (MobDevs).

BTW—if you’re reading this on your phone while cruising I-40, look out for that biker up ahead! LOL. But seriously, connectivity is ramping up and spreading out so fast that its impact has been hard to measure. Until now.  The Wall Street Journal has recently reported that the average worker checks e-mail and tweets every three minutes; that’s ON THE JOB. A nightmare if you’re a line manager, but sweet for marketers.  It isn’t surprising that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has called in all workers to the campus; she obviously felt that the impact of distraction had to be fire walled.

Fortunately, our concern here is the art of  marketing. Client/prospect contact has never been easier, due to new tech; however, the classic principal of the art is more relevant than ever: Make every contact count. A great way to do that is by relying on a classic mnemonic acronym called AIDA (pronounced eye-EE-duh, just like the Verdi opera Aida).

Old School sales managers and writer David Mamet have kept AIDA in circulation, and it’s proved its worth in the field over time. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Decision, Action— skipping any of these steps with your client/prospect can result in a No Sale surprise.

So, in the near future, when an 8G hydrogen-powered Camaro can deliver itself to a buyer’s condo for a test drive, that car’s AI will still need to cycle through AIDA to get an air-signature on the e-line.