Dollars are streaking through the universe, looking for a place to land.  Here’s how a big player on planet Earth captures them. Revealed here for the first time— the secret of the Starbucks customer experience, and why their guests want to pay more. (It isn’t the coffee).

There’s a new Starbucks near Lason, and my first visit was literally an eye-opener, not because of the caffeine or décor, but because of something I’d often ignore elsewhere: the subtle lighting in the washroom. As you wash up and glance at the mirror, you’re mesmerized by the soft glow of your reflection; facial imperfections (and mine are many) fade away, and your hair looks like a Breck ad.  It’s as if Photoshop has gone real-time, just for you.

The customer emerging from that Starbucks washroom feels more attractive, more affluent, more deserving of another -pricier- latte. Wow. The lesson hit me like a water sprinkler in August— when your customer/guest/client feels special in the environment you’ve enhanced, they ACT special. And that can manifest in more spending, repeat business, and tweets !

So, share this post before Starbucks lawyers or the NSA try to delete it. They’ll be too late. The secret is out.  And now it’s yours.


Starbucks Corporation in Seattle is the largest