Public relations is the art of managing the spread of information between a person, or organization and the public. Our staff is capable of managing five public relation fields.

Lason Media is well versed in media relations. The company is capable of writing and distributing press releases, creating press kits, scheduling personal appearances, holding press conferences, staging media events and finding interviews.

In crisis communication, Lason Media can respond to a crisis that hurts a business or individual’s reputation. This type of service involves releasing statements after a crisis has occurred, aiding in forming a plan to regain lost reputation and minimizing the damage caused by a crisis.

With Internal communications, Lason Media can help a company communicate within itself. This field involves creating a system that allows employees to communicate work related information to coworkers within the same building, city, state, or country. This includes managing systems from simple emails, postal systems, teleconferences, video conferences and other forms of communication.

In the field of financial public relations, Lason Media can communicate financial results and business strategy to investors, clients and customers. This service includes relaying information about business data, investment data, production methods and other information about a company.

In consumer public relations Lason Media can gain publicity for a particular product, person or service. This kind of service is used in conjunction with advertising to boost sales by making people think highly of a product and building a product’s reputation.

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