At times, business owners get caught-up in increasing sales that they tend to forget the 4 Ps of marketing:

1)      Product- What you offer

2)      Price-Amount you will charge

3)      Place-Outlets your product will go through

4)      Promotion- Getting consumers aware of your product

Having a great Product can make everything else fall into place, whether it is tangible or not.  As business owners, we must always be working on improving our product/services especially to keep a “leg up” on our competitors.  Having an outstanding product can also increase the Price the consumer is willing to pay.  The quality and price of what your business offers to the market can determine all the channels it will go through to reach consumers.  Place your product in means you are familiar with, example, if you are in the business of selling sports collectibles why not place your product on your favorite sports radio station.  Lastly, the Promotion of your product can be complicated at times because of all the mediums you can use nowadays to place your product.  Countless mistakes are made in this step, every now and then business try too many things and are not consistent with their message, so be very careful.

In closing, let’s remember to take marketing back to basics:

A)     Work on your product

B)      Use outlets you know and are effective

C)      Be consistent with your message