Lason Media was founded on a dream. At the time of founding our firm, Deyvi Martinez and I were rank and file employees at other companies. Despite having a degree in media communications, and a track record of success as a production engineer, Deyvi was working in the finance industry. I had a political career in a national political party with a full political relations skill set. Due to financial reasons, the party kept me on as a volunteer and I was stuck working the retail industry.

In 2012, Deyvi approached me with an idea. He wanted to go out on his own, and already charted an LLC. At first I was reluctant as I had just gotten a promotion, yet I kept turning the idea over in my mind. After a few days I realized that I was young, I could take a big risk, and if I failed, I had time to rebuild. If I succeeded, the sky was the limit.

Building a company from the ground up is difficult. Many people think they can dive in and have a booming business in a matter of weeks. It is possible to be successful early on, but those kinds of success stories are rare. Building a company takes time, sleepless nights and uncountable hours of work. We had to shake hands, and talk to people, but it wasn’t immediately successful, we must have talked to hundreds of people that weren’t interested. Some of the uninterested parties were polite enough to say they’d look at our website, and never did, or those that weren’t polite and slammed down the phone, or threw colorful language at us.

It took several weeks to get our website up, and several more to get our first client.

Despite having a client, we still had a lot of work to do. We needed to build a sales kit, press kit, business cards and all manner of marketing equipment. Then we had to build partnerships with other companies to handle tasks we didn’t have the equipment for like printing or graphic design.

I’m not got to lie, there were nights that I would lie awake wondering if I was on the wrong path. It was like riding an emotional rollercoaster. There were times where I was down. Despite being friends for four years, there were times that I dislike things that Deyvi had done, and there were times when Deyvi thought he was doing all the work. (Easy to say for a man that has never written a blog post for the website). It was brutal, and I several times I feel like I was losing my mind.

There were times that I was happy. I remember signing our first client, Gary Yoonfield. I was excited. I felt a new burst of energy. I felt a new motivation.

All in all, it’s worth it. As a small business owner I am the master of my own fate. If I work hard, if I do things right, I will succeed. If not, I won’t. I never felt that way working for someone else, because I found myself hindered by things I couldn’t control.

I like owning my own business, but it’s not easy.