Lason Media- Hispanic Marketing

As the old saying ALMOST goes, “The cash is always greener on the other side of the fence.”

Whether your business is aimed at a Hispanic demographic OR if you’re a business grounded in the Hispano-American community seeking a breakout into a larger audience– your success can hinge on your deployment of fusion, segmentation and consolidation.

Fusion (aka hybridization) involves pairing the best of both worlds in a market universe, and so combining complementary properties from each to create a NEW signature brand.

Segmentation is concentrating on attractive and underpromoted niches in a region or culture. This awakens demand heretofore unknown to your competitors.

Consolidation means gathering a wide selection of products under one tent, maximizing the choices (and buys) of the customer.

Whether you call them methods, techniques or whatever— fusion, segmentation and consolidation can transform regional or culture-based marketing from perpetual crisis management to an ongoing series of optimized opportunities.

A great example of fusion is a new eatery in downtown Raleigh, NC called Jose and Sons. Co-owner Charlie Ibarra (one of the “Sons”) has taken the family business (a successful Mexican restaurant formerly known as Jibarra, which ran for seven years) to the next level by fashioning a new cuisine from his roots in both Mexican AND Southern cooking. Jose and Sons offers the likes of shrimp and grits on the same menu as chile rellenos, creating a guest experience that is new and intriguing on every visit.

Charlie’s makeover of Jibarra builds on the word-of-mouth reputation of his dad’s popular establishment and also creates a tempting new venue for— well, just about everybody in Raleigh. How to maximize the buzz ?  Probably radio advertising, for one thing. More on that powerful medium later. AND hot examples of segmentation and consolidation. So stay tuned.

Meanwhile, let’s remember— when it comes to cross-cultural marketing, the word is IAGO (as in Saint Iago, or Santiago): Inclusion and Acceptance Generate Opportunity.