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Nationalize the Net NOW

  Nationalize the Net NOW  by  Randall Rickman         Or better yet – the United States needs to launch its OWN WEB dedicated to U.S. users. (Al  Gore, come on down!).  Remaining dependent on a lawless and corrupted (in every way) Internet  is untenable and unsustainable. Since the U.S. Government has admitted that the OPM breach   violated more than 20 million Americans, we are fortunate to get a sneak peek at the future.       A locked-down national net certainly works for our busiest world competitor. Want to do   some Google while you’re in Shanghai? Not happening. ISIS is recruiting worldwide on the Web  but not in China. The elders who run the People’s Republic are all about security.       A USnet can improve on the China model; American users would demand that. Cyber sales  would be far safer on a USnet launched from the ground up. Let’s regain the home court edge  by leaving the extremists, scammers and pedophiles stranded on an Internet that very early on  compromised and corrupted itself.          As the millions of Ashley Madison clients have found out, the Web is no place to share your  real identity when you’re up to mischief. The same goes for those with more mundane pursuits  like banking. Was the OPM hack a dress rehearsal for the biggest heist ever?  

Buyer Be Where ?

This column has been away for a while as we’ve sat in the waiting room anticipating the arrival of our new bundle of joy— an actual economic recovery. Well, it looks like all the “recovery” we’re getting is a bunch of pretty worthless numbers from Washington and Wall Street. Job levels are finally back up, […]

Til Her Daddy Takes the T-Bill Away

The Federal Reserve will now wean the financial markets from monthly shots of $85 billion, beginning with a $10 billion reduction to be followed by adjusted amounts determined by the economy. So, what does the “tapering of QE” mean to you and me? Actually, I wonder who outside of Big Banking ever saw ANY of […]

About “About Time”

What’s this— a movie review in a business blog?  Well, sort of. Consider it a holiday bonus.   A truly great film like “About Time” addresses the business of Life. And that’s really the focus of a truly great firm (like us!). Currently in theaters, “About Time” promises to join “It’s a Wonderful Life” as a […]

How To Take the “Panic” Out of Hispanic (Marketing)

As the old saying ALMOST goes, “The cash is always greener on the other side of the fence.” Whether your business is aimed at a Hispanic demographic OR if you’re a business grounded in the Hispano-American community seeking a breakout into a larger audience– your success can hinge on your deployment of fusion, segmentation and […]

What’s the Big Idea ?

Corporate America is sitting on about $1 trillion, wallowing in money like Scrooge McDuck. Meanwhile, the total student debt of U.S. college graduates is roughly… $1 trillion. Hmmm. See where I’m going with this ? Sooo— what if all those CFOs playing banker were replaced briefly by indentured recent graduates (call it Take Your Debtor […]

Monetizing …MONEY

We’re in the sixth year of our collective trek through the Valley of the Shadow of Debt, also known as the Great Recession plus the Jobless Recovery plus the Continuing Downturn.  IMHO, the long climb back has been made longer because so many dollars are sitting by the sideline and out of the game. Billions […]

Shields Down ! Incoming !

Dollars are streaking through the universe, looking for a place to land.  Here’s how a big player on planet Earth captures them. Revealed here for the first time— the secret of the Starbucks customer experience, and why their guests want to pay more. (It isn’t the coffee). There’s a new Starbucks near Lason, and my […]

Making Your Invoice Heard

If cash flow is the life blood of a business, then a healthy “heart” is essential.  Such an organ in a profitable enterprise can be described as having separate but cooperating chambers just like its biological counterpart.  In our model today– those chambers could be called “Incoming” and “Outgoing.”  We also know them by more […]

Siri Goes To The Opera

The impact of new technologies on marketing has been a hot issue ever since the new-fangled hard-paved roads of the ancient Roman Empire started bringing goods and merchants from all over the known world right to the Appian Way.  Our own time is even more revolutionary because of  the Web, AI, Social Media, and mobile […]