What’s this— a movie review in a business blog?  Well, sort of. Consider it a holiday bonus.   A truly great film like “About Time” addresses the business of Life. And that’s really the focus of a truly great firm (like us!).

Currently in theaters, “About Time” promises to join “It’s a Wonderful Life” as a holiday classic, because it shares the older film’s themes of family, the pursuit of love, and second chances. What’s more, “About Time” is the greatest date movie since “The Graduate” (sorry, “Titanic” and “Love Story”) (not sorry, “Twilight”).

About Time” is about Tim, played by Domhnall Gleeson from “Harry Potter.”  Tim is an almost-ordinary Englishman with one secret superpower that we’ve ALL wanted. It’s fascinating to watch Tim wield it. And we want him to !

Rachel McAdams in “About Time” is the most winsome ingénue since Katherine Ross of—   wait for it— “The Graduate.”  At times, she channels the immortal Katharine Hepburn; sometimes her performance recalls the iconic Audrey Hepburn. Here, McAdams is Mary, an American girl seeking her fortune in London, which is swinging more than ever (Kate Moss, anyone?).

Will Mary and Tim catch their dreams? No spoilers here. Suffice it to say that we pull for them every step of the way through a life journey that feels real, like a lucid dream you don’t forget. We care deeply about these two young people and also Tim’s quirky family, whose seaside home looks more like an actual boutique hotel (hey, it’s a movie).

Language alert: there’s a little cursing in this picture; but when Brits cuss, it sounds quaint and proper. There are many laughs along the way, and a few tears. The England of “About Time” basks in lots of summer sun, and its London is curiously rain-free (hey, it’s a movie). Those elements frame a movie world we want to step into. And the music of “About Time” is the best non-classical, non-ABBA soundtrack since (you guessed it) “The Graduate.”

(To anyone too young to know “The Graduate”:  just ask a Boomer for a DVD).

A memorable story can remind us what we’re working for. Whatever our field, aren’t we all in the people business— the business of Life?  Remembering this can be our secret superpower.

Happy Holidays!